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Our services include strategy and business advice, policy and regulation, market analysis, modelling, and more.

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Modelling and price forecasts

We deliver high quality price forecasts, market analysis, investment support, and model solutions.



We publish our analyses and results in reports and shorter T-CG Insights, and through presentations and workshops.

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Recent news:

Penn og statisitikk

Higher power price levels and more frequent price spikes in Europe »

THEMAS new price forecasts for Europe and the Nordics show a tighter capacity balance on the Continent, resulting in more frequent and higher price peaks in continental Europe. Higher European power prices also lift prices in the Nordics.

THEMA welcomes German power market expert as new associate »

THEMA’s European power market competence is further strengthened by German power market expert Prof. Dr. Konstantin Lenz joining THEMA as Associate. 

Time to phase out subsidies to mature renewable electricity? »

Subsidies to renewable electricity should reduce costs and make new technologies competitive in the market. Now many argue that wind and PV generation is mature. Does that mean that it is time to phase out wind and solar subsidies?