Strategy and business development, operations, transaction support



Policy measures, network regulation, market design



Price forecasts, modelling, scenario analysis


Recent news:

Energi21’s fourth energy research strategy is launched »

In its fourth national energy research strategy, Energi21 recommends increased research effort targeting six areas that will help prepare Norway for a low-carbon future. THEMA has assisted in the process.

Do you want to work with us at THEMA? »

Increased assignment in Norway / Europe means that we need more wise heads to assist our many customers in energy and transport.

New Statnett report: Balancing market roles and the aggregation of bids »

New EU regulations require a rethink of Statnett’s balancing services markets. THEMA has therefore supported Statnett through an internal process to clarify both balancing market roles and the conditions applicable to aggregated bids.

New study: Svalbard’s future energy system »

Currently, Svalbard’s energy system is based on local coal, but its power plant is old and the prospects for mining are uncertain. How will the community meet its future energy needs? Together with Multiconsult, we have analysed the alternatives.

Klimapolitiske støtteordninger

Review of climate support schemes in Norway »

The Norwegian authorities spend NOK 3.3bn a year on 41 climate support schemes delivered by a variety of bodies. A review of these support schemes suggests that 13 be continued as they are, and 14 cease to be supported on climate change grounds.